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“In my teaching, l place importance on learning the Principles of Alignment, which helps students to properly align their muscles and bones in the poses. Finding the correct physical alignment in asanas allows energy to flow more freely and ultimately promotes creativity and freedom both on and off the mat.” – Namaste’ Esther


Yoga Therapy

Yoga therapy is the adaptation of yoga practises for people with health challenges

Yoga Sports Coaching

Improving sporting performance and reducing your risk of injury

Yoga At Work

Yoga is becoming increasingly popular in the workplace. Many companies recognise

“I first met Esther Jones when I attended her Yoga Retreat Weekend at Brightlife in 2012. I had been intending to learn about Yoga for sometime, and this was the perfect opportunity. I was so impressed by the Yoga Retreat and especially Esther, that the Monday morning following, I arranged to be her private student for the next 5 Months; 1 + hours every week. The change I felt in myself was profound: Physically, Emotionally and, well spiritually. Esther Jones possesses the three components to be a great teacher in anything: knowledge, behaviours, and skills – all of which are extraordinary in her chosen area of expertise: Yoga. I recommend her, with no reservations or qualifications, for both the advanced and the beginner and the spiritually seeking and the purely body-oriented. Esther Jones is an inspired, and inspiring, Yoga professional. The fact that she trained in India and having practised in London, is now based on the Isle of Man is remarkable, and to be taken advantage of. If you want to learn Yoga, in any of its forms or permutations, with a REAL teacher, I recommend you get in touch with her for a group or private class.”

– Sincerely, Lawrence Hoover, Managing Director, KBS Training, Isle of Man


Esther has been my yoga teacher for the past 18 months. I took up yoga as I recommended this regularly to patients to help them improve their health and wellbeing and I though I should follow my own advice. I was fortunate enough to find such an excellent teacher. I have attended esther’s classes and also seen her for individual sessions.

From a personal perspective she diagnosed a musculoskeletal problem that had been missed by physiotherapists and which I, as a medical practitioner was unaware of. As a result I have been able to make changes which have improved my mobility and functioning and substantially improved my wellbeing.

Esther is confident to work with students with a range of significant medical problems and her calm, supportive manner encourages participation from even the most hesitant of class participants. She has the skill to ensure that students with a wide range of abilities are able to reach their potential in her class.

Esther is an enthusiastic, inspiring teacher and mentor and I now regularly recommend her to patients even those with complex medical problems.

She is constantly looking for ways to make yoga accessible for all levels of age and ability. I will be very sad that I am unable to continue with her classes when I leave the Isle of Man.

Carole Astbury MBChB, MFOM, DFHom – Consultant Occupational Physician


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