Yoga at Work

Why offer yoga classes in the workplace

Yoga is becoming increasingly popular in the workplace. Many companies recognize the value of yoga and are offering classes to their employees as part of their stress reduction and corporate wellness programs during the workday.

Yoga in the workplace makes it easy for employees to join in and eliminates travel times to and from a yoga studio.

Corporate yoga promotes self-care and stress relieving techniques during the workday.

Benefits for the company

Yoga can be a positive influence on ones ability to concentrate, gain confidence and reduce stress. All these things lead to a more productive, harmonious work environment.

However this is not the only benefit to companies. Providing yoga for employees can significantly cut operating costs.

Offering yoga classes at work is a low-cost and innovative solution for companies wanting to reduce health care expenses, relieve workplace stress and promote employee well-being. The performance of a corporation depends on the performance of its key assets – employees.

Benefits of yoga for the employee’s

  • Improves concentration, decision-making skills and ability to multi-task.
  • Reduces multiple costs of stress-related illnesses and absenteeism.
  • Improves alertness and productivity and the ability to react more calmly in demanding situations.
  • Relieves head, neck and back strain
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Insomnia
  • High-blood pressure
  • Work-related injuries from repetitive motion, sedentary job environments and/or lifting and moving objects.
  • Creates better customer service.
  • Enhances better attitude and outlook.
  • Promotes well-being in workplace.

For more information on yoga in the workplace and corporate wellbeing packages please email or telephone Esther directly.