Sports–Specific Yoga


The Institute of Yoga Sports Science® is changing the way we think about Yoga and optimizing athletic ability by providing a tool that measures its impact through data collection and performance metrics. This is the first time in the long and established history of yoga, a tool has been able to gather evidence showing how and why yoga works

Yoga Sports Science techniques and programs are designed to enhance structural fitness and maximize athletic performance.

Working on a regular basis with Sport-Specific Yoga corrects postural imbalances, improves functional mobility and stability, breathing and focus.

It maximizes your performance potential – providing the missing link in strength and conditioning training.

Most importantly: it gets results.

Yoga Sports Coaching

As a Yoga Sports Coach I tailor programs to an individual athlete’s needs.

To maximize performance

  • As your yoga sports coach I will assess the individual’s biomechanics.
  • Look at the demands of the specific sport, before developing the right Sport-Specific Yoga techniques and program.
  • Performance Yoga analyses the movement requirements of a specific sport and designs the appropriate techniques to complement the current training programmed.
  • This may be delivered on a ‘one’ to ‘one’basis with the athlete and/or coach.
  • Alternatively workshops or team sessions can be arranged on request.
  • An initial consultation and assessment is required before commencing a recommended minimum 6-week course.

In brief, Yoga Sports Coaching can help athletes in the following ways:

  • Aid prevention and recovery from injury.
  • Enhance physical performance, stamina, flexibility and agility.
  • Develop concentration and focus.
  • Effectively manage tension and control stress levels.
  • Improve strength and conditioning training.

Yoga Sports Coaching is a break through in training for athletes and coaches wishing to achieve excellence, as well as any individual with an aim to progress to the next level. Other benefits are injury prevention and providing a safe means towards rehabilitation from injury.

Yoga Sports Science

Yoga Sports Science is fast becoming recognised as the missing link in strength and conditioning training. Many elite athletes are now incorporating yoga into their training to help them improve their performance.

Yoga Sports Science is using the science of Yoga as a system to study the body and how to use specific techniques to enhance the body’s natural ability to perform at its maximum level.

The power required to sustain athletic movement comes from the continual shortening or contraction of muscles. Muscles are always working in pairs, one stretching and one contracting, so by introducing a greater mobility an athlete will be able to push the boundary of their range of movement.

This pattern of repetitive movement results in the brain setting the muscle fibres to a set given length, which restricts the maximum stretch and range of motion.

Through Performance Yoga this set length can be altered which will counteract the negative effects of repeated contraction, i.e. traditional muscle training such as running. Muscles that are persistently worked without stretch become hard and short.

The result of this is:

  • Inhibiting the movement of joints.
  • Prohibiting the full contraction of opposing muscles.
  • Miss-aligning the body.
  • Decreasing body efficiency.
  • Increasing the possibility of injury.
  • Deterring the maximum pumping action within each muscle.


When an injury is healing, the aim is to restore original function to the affected part of the body. Receiving instructions are of the upmost importance to ensure that the correct muscle groups are trained with the appropriate movements and a well-balanced load.

Through analysing the causes and consequences of the injury enables a programme to be drawn up for the treatment of muscles, joints, and ligaments.

The treatments methods used are flexibility, strength, and coordination training together with encouragement and use of modalities to reduce pain and discomfort.

For the latest news with regards to Yoga and Sports or to listen to an athlete’s testimonial please view: you will also find Esther’s details on this website and be able to read about her own experiences and positive results whilst coaching a local Triathlete, training for the ultimate Triathlon challenge known as The Iron Man.

“It is an absolute privilege being part of this pioneering force bringing the benefits of yoga to athletes.” – Esther